7 Apps for Toddlers to Keep Them Busy While You Work From Home

7 Apps for Toddlers to Keep Them Busy While You Work From Home

Working from home can be amazing. Many moms choose to work from home so that they can stay with their toddler and earn some income. If you have a baby, they may demand more of your attention when they’re awake; you can entertain your child with some educational apps.

If you are a working mom and want an educational app for your kid, there are a lot of apps to choose from. However, there are the bad, the good and the exceptional. So, it’s difficult to choose the app but don’t worry! Here we have designed a guide to help you out to choose the best one.



GoNoodle is an app which helps teachers and parents to get kids moving. Through this app, they can learn dance routines, yoga poses, breathing techniques, aerobic exercises, and lots more. GoNoodle app is a teacher favorite, it used in United States’ primary schools as a break between subjects, to energize before a tough lesson, or to refocus after recess. And the best part of this app is it’s free.

Prodigy Math Game

Prodigy is a wonderful math game app for skill building of K-8 age group child and it’s totally free. It contains powerful assessment and reporting features that help your child to improve and bring excitement to mathematics. Almost every kid loves playing video games, hence this the best way to teaching kids with a video game and it makes complete sense. If you’re a homeschooling mom, you should definitely check this one out!

7 Apps for Toddlers to Keep Them Busy While You Work From Home

Reading Eggs

Reading Eggs is an app for (7+ children) and it has a slightly different style of e-reading. If you want your child to engage in some activities when you work then it might be a good option. With the help of this app, the children can learn much of the material working independently. This reduces the workload for parents significantly while ensuring that children receive solid educational content. You can register for a free trial.


ABCYa is an educational game for children in grades PreK-5th. This app helps to develop kid’s skills from early ages and advancing them step by step and also provide another layer of education away from the formal education system.

7 Apps for Toddlers to Keep Them Busy While You Work From Home

PBS Kids

This app is designed for parents that will give them the “superpower” to engage with their kids in the digital medium as never before. The PBS KIDS Super Vision offers a connected web experience that enables parents to see remotely what their kids are learning. This games app is free and fun for ages 2–8.


Bee-Bot is a very simple app which is perfectly designed for children of ages 4 and up. Bee-bot enables children to improve their skills in directional language and programming through sequences of forwarding, back, left and right 90 degrees curves. The app is currently available on iOS platform only.


StoryBots is a digital learning program for elementary-age children ages 3–8. The app makes foundational learning fun and encourages intellectual curiosity in children. The show’s app is free and is equally awesome.