Highest-Paying Jobs to Work From Home

Do you know 74% of employees would trade in their current job for one they could do from home. It’s time to make your job work for you!

Many people are attracted to the idea of working from home, but often they let fears and myths about home business keep them from pursuing it. Here is some motivation. Check out the highest paid work from home jobs.

1. Physician

Average salary: $195,000.


Healthcare seems like a difficult field to work in remotely, but the advance of telemedicine has made it increasingly possible to provide physician care from anywhere.

2. Pharmacist

Average salary: $127,000.

Gone are the days of standing behind counters for hours at end. If you’re a licensed pharmacist, you have the ability to work remotely in positions that require you to review prescriptions, answer calls, process requests, and more.

3. Corporate Counsel

Average salary: $115,000.

As a remote corporate counselor, you can provide legal advice and draft contracts from wherever you choose.

4. Software Architect

Average salary: $105,000.

Design architecture and maintain roadmaps from your home, local coffee shop, or favorite vacation spot.

5. Attorney

Average salary: $96,000.

If you’re interested in practicing law but not so interested in the office life, you have options! Attorneys can work remotely by drafting and filing documents, training, and providing counsel and representation.

6. Data scientist

Average salary: $96,000.

As a remote data scientist, you’ll be able to collect data, solve corporate problems using data solutions, interpret statistics, and collaborate with other businesses and IT.