Best Paying Work from Home Jobs

Highest Paying Jobs Which Can be Done from Home

Making a great salary and working from home is a dream of job seekers who are really highly skilled as well as experienced in the career sector. Several progressive jobs offer work from home opportunity with a well-paid salary.

If you’re an extremely good, tough job seeker then the probabilities are endless, and this can be the time to induce into work from home. Here a list of the “Highest Paying Jobs Which Can be Done from Home” that will be useful for you to get one best according to your requirements. Good Luck!!

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business analyst develops technical solutions to business issues and works to outline areas of growth by looking at and analyzing business trends. Business intelligence analysis job is a job that deals with numbers. It may be done from home; though, you may have to be compelled to place in some occasional face time at the workplace. You can earn $79,200 per year by working as a business intelligence analyst.


Medical Transcriptionist

Being a medical transcriptionist may be an exacting job, and nearly every company listed on their website. The work involves taking note of and typewriting up dictation from doctors. By hearing matters related to medical will be fascinating, and smart transcriptionists are in terribly high demand. The median hourly rate for transcriptionists is $17.17.

Social Media Manager

Social media managers will manage all of one company’s social media networks or concentrate on only one network and work with many purchasers. It’s becoming more important for every type of companies to own a presence on social media. Social media managers usually get paid $15 – $35 per hour. Some charge by the hour, however several charges a hard and fast monthly quantity (such as $375 per month, per platform).

Best Paying Work from Home Jobs

Software developer

A software developer is a professional who designs, installs, tests, and maintains software systems. Software development professionals are responsible for planning code programs, testing and debugging code for the computer systems. You can make $75,500 per annum by this job.

Virtual Recruiter

A virtual recruiter is needed to produce virtual job fairs to succeed in and act with interested job candidates. It permits employers to spot and to interact candidates from a distance and build connections. Virtual recruitment includes simply search online to find out the proper worker for an appropriate position. Some recruiters are paid upward of $125 associate degree hour for building resume templates.

SEO Specialist

With the boom of the digital media, every organization desires that their web site to rank high in search engines and this is often wherever SEO consultants are available. A beginner SEO advisor will earn around $75 per hour. An SEO Specialist is required for analyzing, reviewing and implementing websites that are optimized to be picked up by search engines.

Best Paying Work from Home Jobs


Proofreaders check documents for grammatical and orthography errors. Several online publications and bloggers rent proofreaders for checking their magazines. The average regular payment for proofreaders is $36,000 p.a. This job may be suitable for those people who have wonderful grammatical skills for rectifying the errors.

Email Marketing Specialist

Email promoting specialists are required for making email sequences and methods to encourage sales or client engagement. As an Email Marketing Specialist, your responsibilities include to observe analytics and making reports of Emails. This job is best suited to somebody who has hands-on expertise with common email promoting software system. Email promoting specialists earn a mean of $50,000 each year.