How to Craft Your Home Voiceover Studio?

How to Craft Your Home Voiceover Studio?

In today’s voice over market place, a “personal” OR “home” voice over studio is a must. Building a home voice over studio on a budget can open up a world of creative and financial possibilities.

But before setting a home voiceover studio, you will face various queries such as how do you even begin to turn an existing space into a voiceover enclave? And what materials will you need? And, perhaps most importantly, what is it all going to cost?

In order to reduce your difficulties, here we make a guide that will answer your queries related to home voiceover studio. So go through the blog given below to enhance your information. Wishing you good luck in what you have planned to do!!


Why do you need for setting up a home voiceover studio?

Before aiming to get the software and money implications for your home voiceover studio, you want to grasp the explanation why you’re doing it.

There are tons of opportunities for voiceover work than ever before. With a home VO studio, you will be ready to work with none quite timeliness further as while not being interrupted. To spice up your productivity within the terms of financial advantages, you want to be required of a home voiceover studio.

How to choose a space for home voiceover studio?

Of course for setting a home voiceover studio, you must designate a particular area for it.  Just having all the instruments which are required for it, is not necessary but the area itself is an important factor for setting a voiceover studio. Before choosing the space for your home voiceover studio you must keep a few things in your mind. Your selected space must be equipped with all the comforts as it should not produce issues like traffic, leaf blowers, or buzzing neighbors.

Which materials will you need for a home voiceover studio?

After choosing the space for your a home voiceover studio, it’s time to highlight the salient instruments which are required for it. For this, you’ll have to be compelled to invest for a smart mike, a pop filter, cables, a recording interface and a good try of headphones. And after all, you’ll have need of a pc and recording code to travel with it. However, budgeting is an essential factor for purchasing all these instruments.

How to Craft Your Home Voiceover Studio?

Which recording software do you require?

There are numerous software are available in the market with their varying prices. Some of the paid software’s are given here with their pricing information-

  • Adobe Audition (38%) ($20.99 USD/month)
  • Pro Tools (16%) ($24.92 – $599 USD)
  • Logic (8%) ($279.99 USD)

Numerous free recording software also exists in the markets such as Adobe Audition and Audacity for using this software’s, you don’t need to pay money.

How you can save money in setting up a voiceover studio?

There are few tips that can help you in saving the money while setting up for a voiceover recording studio.

  • Don’t Print Out Scripts

Always try to work without having a print out scripts. It will help in avoiding crinkling paper noise at your mic.

  • No Headphones

Earbuds with a 1/4″ jack adaptor are better than listening to playback with your tiny laptop speakers; it can help you in detecting the imperfections.

  • Avoid Overpaying for Acoustic Foam

Instead of having 70 percent of your wall surfaces covered with the acoustic foam, try to hang an area rug on the wall. It will give you a better sound than with than a bare wall.